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Do not give your money to these people. They cannot help you get a job beyond what you could do yourself. They basically have you join LinkedIn and network for people in your field. You could achieve the same results yourself and save yourself considerable time and effort.

I joined in 2008 and was set up with Carole Crane in their Fort Collins office. After several meetings, it was clear that Carole was not qualified as a career counselor. Her work product, a cover letter and resume that she prepared for me, was full of errors in syntax and grammar which I had to edit extensively. In fact, she even admitted to 'making up' part of my resume.

I wrote a letter and emailed Mark Renn, the CEO of GCM, with no response (even though I was invited to discuss quality concerns with him personally). I was told that I would have to discuss my problems with his assistant. When I showed the assistant the lackluster quality of Ms. Crane's work, he thought they looked fine (there were serious problems with the document, which was intended to be sent out to prospective employers).

Again, do not be fooled into thinking this company can help you with finding a job. Their solutions are exactly the same as you would expect to find in a book at Barnes and Noble or just plain common sense.

I eventually took the company to Small Claims Court (they had previously offered half of my $6400 back) but did not win. Apparently it is not against the law to suck at what you do.

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